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Ornamental Elegance

Wrought Iron Fences, Gates, and Railings in Salt Lake City Utah

Our elegant wrought iron craftsmanship has been a family tradition for over 100 years and we still practice the age-old European tradition of creating hand sculpted ornamental metal furnishings. Our finished products are “light years behind” the times. There simply isn’t another way to get this detail and timeless quality with any other method.

Our technique for creating wrought iron products isn’t learned overnight. Our artisans have the patience, the vision and the deep-rooted concern for making each finished product a masterpiece. All of our wrought iron work is made to exacting specifications and has a highly durable powder coat finish.

A stone building with a wrought iron door, showcasing a blend of sturdy architecture and elegant design.
We are Salt Lake City’s (and surrounding areas) expert in all things custom wrought iron. We aspire for elegance in every metal creation we undertake. One of our specialties is European Style Railings. This elegant look allows railings to become both functional and beautiful. In our efforts to design and create elegant wrought iron workings, we end up making many beautiful things that are also functional. This is what makes us one of the premier fence and get builders in Utah. The fences and gates that we make keep in (or out) what they are supposed to while also being aesthetically pleasing. For inquires, or to request a free estimate, please click REQUEST INFO, or if you would like to call Jeff Thomson you can reach him at: 801-712-7133.